Voice-over & Audio playlist production

For over 13 years we’re doing
high quality native and professional
voiceovers in Baltic and Eastern Europe
languages such as
EstonianLatvian, Lithuanian,
Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian.
Incl. voice talents and voice artists mgmt,
voice over recording,
audio mixing service
and post production studio works.
We’re working for Baltics, Russia, Belarus,
Ukraine, Post Soviet and Global markets.
Our artists and producers 
are doing jobs for
internet, broadcasting and 
internal radio / TV
commercials, infomercials, 
e-learning, audio
books and phone prompts, 
training videos,
corporate presentations and 
voice over for any project.
To listen or download our voice-over demo
samples please visit Voice-over section.

For over 18 years we’re creating audio
playlist concepts, making solutions for
internal radio and broadcasting radio stations.
Please visit Playlist production section.

Always resounding,
Muz Muz Baltic